Monday, December 8, 2008

To Do

The shed is nearly finished, except for paint. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, so it’s a fine line, I’m told. Every day for weeks has been rainless, many of them sunny, but right when we need to paint, rain is on the horizon, so to speak. 30% chance. If we paint, that will immediately rise to 85% probability.

I am relinquishing all fantasies of control.

Ahhhhhhh…Yes, that feels better.

We’ve been talking about the next project. Our yard gate barely latches any more. The reason for this is the enormous Lady Banks rose that arches above it. Even the rose wouldn’t have caused a problem, though, if one of the landscape people hadn’t tried to force a machine that was too big though the gate’s opening, breaking off one of the support posts at the ground. Now the post is held in place by the fencing wire, and the rose itself.

We are hoping to jack up the rose, remove the broken post and replace with another post. Since the broken post is set in concrete, however, this will not be easy. That’s why talking is all we’re doing, so far.

After that, there’s the vegetable garden gate…presently a piece of scenic chicken wire.

We never run out of projects, it seems. You will note that none of the above has anything to do with Christmas. I'm ostriching Christmas prep, it appears.

December Views for today are photos from Saturday’s holiday celebration in Round Top. There was a parade, then brass band music, German Christmas carols by the Winedale singers, and Santa:


Texas Legacy Lady said...

I've been waiting all day for it to rain so I wouldn't have to water the garden. It looked like it was going to pour just any minute. No luck though.

Projects on our to-do list are getting too great in number for the list. If dreams were horses, we could ride forever too.

If the landscaper knocked the gate post out of line or broke it, he should be invited back to repair it. He should fix it if he broke it. Blessings and good luck!

Sacred Suzie said...

Cute pictures! And it's true, projects are never done are they? Heck, we've lived here almost a year and still haven't even painted, LOL.

Did the Parmesan trick work? Did you like it? I hope so! :)