Friday, December 5, 2008


Today has been topsy-turvy, so all I have is pictures of two trees who have seen better, in the sense of healthier, days. December View from within a mile of our little house. I tried to bring them over from my flickr site but I couldn't get it to work, so the image quality isn't very good.


Anonymous said...

You've got a good eye. The second photo is riveting! Love nature produced art.

Texas Legacy Lady said...

I just thought the same thing. There is a very good eye looking through the camera lens.

You might consider publishing a pictorial book with a bit of history or description attached as the description of the Muske's farm and your other interesting details.

That is such a historic area and you have many choices of all the sights you enjoy and a never ending supply of subjects. It would be great to have it recorded in photographs before more of it disappears. Blessings.

Bdogs said...

Thanks for the kind words, both of you. Your idea, TLL, is a good one. Maybe that's where this is heading. I'm very book-oriented, but I've been trying to think "outside the rectangle" more. We'll see. The people with the knowledge are disappearing fast, as you say.

Texas Legacy Lady said...

Your are probably already aware of the library but here is a site:

The director, Cathy Carter, grew up here in Sealy and is very helpful and knowledgeable. There is an awful lot of family history there. One lady gifted them with funds to build a two-story annex. They really have a great archives for a small town.