Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some road shots

Driving back from Round Top this afternoon, I decided to go have a look at the new cell phone tower. We know folks on Kneipp Road who can probably see the thing from their front porch. I hope I'm wrong. It's just a cell tower, but still...

The following are two scenes that caught my eye as I drove--the first because it is what it is, a chimney and fireplace that have survived when the house around them has disappeared.

The second one interested me because of the geometric shapes.


sizzie said...

Good shots. Do you see the tree in front of the fireplace, it almost looks like a giant hand sculpture.

I often see fields with bulb type plants growing in a straight line. It tells me that at some time in the past a home was there and someone cared enough to plant jonquils or iris. It brings on mixed emotions within me, thinking it is sad the home is gone, but knowing it is testament to a happy day in the past.

Thanks for the photos.

Cher said...

If only "things" could talk!

The Texas Woman

Bdogs said...

You're right, Sizzie. I missed that. Fingers of foliage.

There are stories in the flowers and the fireplace, as Cher suggests. I think of the woman who planted the flowers, on her knees, wearing a sunbonnet as they did around here; I think of the man who mortared those stones and made that chimney so strong. Were they thinking that people would see these things and think of them, or were they telling the cow to hang on--they'd milk her when they finished this row?