Sunday, December 14, 2008

Small, good things

I woke up this morning thinking about “things” and Christmas. We’ve been trying to enjoy a small Christmas for several years now. Not having young children or grandchildren around, there’s no need for the pile of gifts under the tree that used to seem so important. (There’s no need for the tree, either, but you have to draw the line somewhere.)

That brought me to consider what gives me the Christmas feeling, other than carols, of course. Ornaments, for example. During our travels over the past decade, we would carry special ones with us to produce a feeling of home years and miles away from the real thing.

Many of these Christmas essentials are handmade, or look that way. There are personalized metal angels, wooden pigs, gingerbread men made out of clay, and the little card that was attached to a long-forgotten present that bears my mother’s shaky handwriting as she expressed her love to her grandson. She died the following spring.

My favorites for looks, however, are two glass circles that I hang on the tree with lights behind them so they glow.

And one hand-painted one by a well-known Houston artist that was given to me in 1977 by Karl Kilian. I've always thought it was Charles Schorre, but the signature on the back looks more like Earl Staley. In either case, well loved.

They’re my December View for today.


deb did it said...

this time of year always gives us the opportunity to dust off old memories,the handmade chunky glittered macaroni ornaments, crayon drawings and fuzzy red stockings. Priceless!

thedomesticfringe said...

Great ornaments. I love it when they have special meaning.

David Horsley said...

Hi Babette -- Hope you're staying warm this morning. Our thermometer says 10 degrees, and the wind is out of the north so I'm afraid to ask what the wind chill index is.

I enjoyed your blog about ornaments. We have a tradition at our house of chopping off a piece of each year's tree (real trees--that's our rule. We buy them at outrageous prices from the Boy Scouts and think of it as a donation to the Scouts with a free tree thrown in the deal) and make an ornament out of it for next year's tree. Nothing fancy -- just a little reminder of Christmases past. Have a blessed season. - David

Bdogs said...

That's a fine tradition, David, and so appropriate for a carpenter...

I hope that you will start blogging, too. It's right down your alley. Let us know if you do.

Have a happy, blessed Christmas and New Year!

Bdogs said...

Oh, yes, Deb, and trying hard not to get sentimentally sad.

So I hope someone will suggest how I can hang our fuzzy stockings from a stone mantel!