Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I never liked the word "tests" in school. And I don't like it any better now. We're back in Houston for me to have a couple of the medical variety, and I'm not regarding the prospect with equanimity. This is by way of apology for no posts for a couple of days.

For the past half hour we have been treated here on the 6th floor of our condominium to a beautiful mockingbird solo. We appear to have a pair at Winedale for the first time, but so far we haven't heard any song. We keep hoping.

And I hope to return to discover that and many other things--are the redbuds finally blooming?--this weekend.

May your day be a happy one.


PJ's talking2.... said...

Coming back from Houston yesterday, we saw bluebonnets near Brenham and Redbud trees blooming. So pretty. No pear trees in bloom yet, that I saw.
Hope the tests are fast. ~PJ

The Weaver of Grass said...

Best wishes for good test results.
I hope when you return home everything is in bloom. Do you live near to Houston? We visited there last year and went to the space centre. The weather was very humid, unlike any weather we had ever experienced before. Sadly we were too late to see any bluebonnets.

jinksy said...

I'll add my best wishes for tests, too, and I'll dream about the mocking birds.

Sydney said...

Hi there -- I hope that your tests weren't uncomfortable, and that everything will show up fine.

Bdogs said...

Thanks to you all. The first test(upper endoscopy) was easy and comfortable since they knocked me out--and fast: 15 minutes and results in a speedy 5-7 business days. 2nd test on Fri. I'm glad to have the first one behind me, though. The unknown is always full of anxiety for me. I wish I were less reactive. Or I wish I'd see some benefit from the extreme sensitivity.

Weaver, Houston's humidity surprises everyone upon first encounter, I think, and it's worst in summer, which lasts from April to November. When I used to return here from abroad, I likened the effect to being hit in the face with a warm moist wash cloth. Not very appealing as images go, but surprisingly apt.

Bluebonnets! PJ, you have the first sighting. Pear trees are out in Houston, but that's all.

There are many birds in River Oaks, which surrounds our building, but the only one with sufficiently full voice to be heard through plate glass is the mocker. Such a lovely pure sound. But I love our country redbirds, bluebirds, chickadees and jays just as much. And I miss them. The other Bdog is in the kennel up there, and I miss her, too.

Texas Legacy Lady said...

Mockingbirds do sing a sweet serenade and are very welcome in our yard. However, they like to dive bomb our dogs and seem to peck at their bob tails as they fly over. Guess they have a nest nearby and are protective.

Hope you come through the tests with flying colors and all the results are all okay. Then when you go home to Winedale the song birds will sing you a sweet song and all the spring blossoms will be coming forth to welcome you home.

I'm sure Charlotte Bronte' misses you too. Our fur person friends go to Four Oaks Puppy Club in Columbus and pout for a week when they come home. Spoiled rotten in all cases.

sizzie said...

I stopped by yesterday to make sure you knew I was sending you good thoughts about your testing and the waiting that goes along with them. I see I didn't actually get to the comment part of it, though. Sorry. I meant well. : )