Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Ways to Not-Write

Yesterday our internet was intermittent--oh, frustration--but this morning it's back (so far) and I want to post this list of 25 ways to avoid writing fiction:

1. Check Facebook
2. Read blogs—good for hours and hours of not-writing
3. Prune roses
4. Eat chocolate covered almonds
5. Fix piece of toast, with marmalade
6. Check email
7. Walk down to the pond to see if it caught any water last night
8. Unload the dishwasher
9. Fill window boxes with gravel, sand, growing mix for cactus
10. Plant cactus, carefully and slowly
11. Eat a banana
12. Think about what to make for dinner
13. Drive to the grocery store
14. Check Facebook again
15. Eat another handful of chocolate covered almonds
16. Sit at your desk and look out the window
17. Look up that new bird on the feeder
18. Take a picture of new bird, if it will just hold still
19. Check for blog comments
20. Sweep seed shells off back porch
21. Put out fresh seed
22. Check that noise—whomp!—outside
23. Pick up cacti where they got buried in dirt when window box fell apart
24. Wedge big stick under second window box so it won’t fall
25. Start a list like this


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love it Bdogs! I could add - start a list like yours and find another 25 ways to avoid writing - we all do it - it is the starting that is hard - once you get going it is fine.

jinksy said...

Banana sounds good. Next on my list to avoid washing dishes in sink...

sizzie said...

X. Fold clean laundry.
X. Put away clean laundry.
X. Wonder why I am washing, folding and putting away other people's clothes when I have things to write.
X. Sit in front of TV to think over question of why I am not writing.

Love it and I can relate. I will do anything to not to what I love to do. Somewhere I have missed the point of priorities. : )

And the flower box line worked, even if the box fell. Thanks!

PJ's talking2.... said...

ohhh.... wish you could see the shameful look on Richard's face.. well, I guess you'll be seeing it soon. :)
I still haven't seen facebook, but it looks like a really good excuse for most things... and I need another excuse. ~PJ

aliceinparis said...

That was fun to read:))
I should be painting:) I should write 25 ways to avoid that.

Sydney said...

Oh, I think you'll find you are in good company... does that make it feel any better though? Great posts, you have me laughing and shaking my head at how much it fits me too at the same time!