Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Morning Light

A rainstorm and mild cool front passed through with bluster in the night, leaving crystalline skies and brilliant sun this morning.

Immediately the spirit lifts, climbing the light, drawn to its source.

The sky still wears a wintry pallor. Only in summer on especially clear dry days does it deepen.

Even so, the contrast with shadow is complete, as the white light pours itself over fence posts, flickers on shiny live oak leaves.

Hope bubbles up and with it the question: is this the other half of low spirits under dark and gray skies? Does the very intensity of one's response to the light measure the parallel response we have to the shadows?


Anonymous said...

Ok, that's a little too deep for me. I like the picture!


sizzie said...

It does explain my moods, sometimes. That was some big storm that covered Texas and came all the way up over several states.

jinksy said...

Light and dark will always be two sides of the same coin, no matter whatthe currency.

Ronnie said...

I wonder if we may be affected by the barometric pressure. Been in a funk for a few days, then the storm and tornadoes within a mile away last night and I woke up this morning frantic to get paper and pencil to write down ideas I'd dreamed of.