Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blue is the color of spring, I.

I was at my desk this morning when a flash of blue caught my eye. It was flying directly between me and the corner post depicted in the blurry photo below. We have a number of blue jays around here, so I thought—okay. Then I thought: Wait, it’s a different, more intense, blue, isn't it?

The bird landed on the wire between posts, revealing its rosy breast.

OMG! My first bluebird! I’ve heard their shy burble for years, mostly when my husband points it out underneath the calls of more assertive birds. But I’ve never actually seen one before.

The bird, a male Western Bluebird, in fact, moved over to the bluebird box attached to the post. It’s been fastened there for more than twenty-years and no bluebird has ever deigned to notice it before.

He stuck his head into the box for awhile. Then removed it and flew back over to the wire. I thought he might have something in his beak, but I couldn’t be sure.

He returned to the box and repeated the procedure. Then after a few moments reflection, he flew away.

As the photo indicates, it’s far too popular a spot for any bluebird nest, of course. Too many birds, too much activity. But we have other bluebird boxes in more secluded locations around the place, so—one can always hope.


jinksy said...

Better be careful about saying 'May the Bluebird of Happiness fly up your nose', then, eh?!

Bdogs said...

Would take a nose of considerable capacity!

Anonymous said...

I want spring!


The Weaver of Grass said...

A Bluebird? I didn't know there really was a bluebird, I thought they were only in Disney films! I do hope it chooses your box - we have lots of nestboxes up in our pine trees and they are all inhabited int he summer but not necessarily by the intended bird. So good luck with that bluebird.

PJ's talking2.... said...

If he's sticking his head in, he's shopping for a home, hoping she'll approve. We have the bird house condo in our tiny front yard, they nest there every year. They do not allow the mocking bird in the yard. He'll be back... PJ

aliceinparis said...

Very exciting! No bluebirds around here, just bluejays:)

JKM said...

Up here near the northern edge of the East Texas piney woods, bluebirds are becomimg very common. We have two boxes on our acre, and they nearly always have a nesting pair, and they sometimes raise two broods a year. However it took several years to attract them.
Your box looks perfectly placed, in front of the woodline. The red-bellied (I think) woodpecker will move on, and the cardinal will build a nest in a tree. I have observed that the bluebirds are very territorial regarding their own species, but will tolerate most other birds.
Hopefully your male will bring his mate and she will approve.
If you hang other boxes widely separated you will improve your odds.
Good luck, and let us know please.