Sunday, January 4, 2009

Norther (revised)

Today we're back inside winter, once more. Blustery and dark, occasional bouts of rain. Much colder.

For warmth, I turn to the newspapers. When the house is chilled, my own blood begins to flow faster with the words of Frank Rich at the New York Times. (We have it online, here in the country.)

Well, as the Weaver of Grass said yesterday--one jolt of the news per day is more than enough. I'll turn instead toward this stealthy neighborhood hunter (click to see the eyes). Field mice, beware:


Texas Legacy Lady said...

I's say Frank Rich is one of the reasons the NYT is loosing readership too. Wonder who they will kick around after President Bush is gone. Hang on folks. It will soon be a very bumpy road!!! But I'm sure the biased media will make it seem like a bed of it or not!!!

Beautiful kitty. They say a well fed feline is the best hunter. He looks pretty well fed.

The Weaver of Grass said...

That is one hunting cat you have there. As you say Fieldmice beware for cats show no mercy.

Ralph W said...

While I have to admit that the media gets on a bandwagon from time to time (Camelot & JFK; Obama - our first major black presidential candidate), I do not see all the anti conservative bias that I keep hearing about from fellow "conservatives". The media certainly loved Reagan (our first Hollywood president as well as our first divorced president) and they were unfair to Hillary due to their being caught up in the Obama, our first major black presidental candidate circus. But as one who never listens to talk radio or Fox news, I must ask; How is it that I knew all about Gary Hart, Monica, Whitewater, Representative Jefferson, the goings on in Barney Frank's House Office, the sordid affairs by the Democratic governor's of New Jersey and New York? David Brinkley was no liberal. Bob Schiefer is quite conservative as are many others including Sam Donaldson. I think we have become a country full of people who know what we want to believe and don't want any facts to get in the way. Fellow "conservatives" loved the media when they pointed out the sordid affairs of Bill Clinton but wanted to change the subject when the sordid affairs of elected Republicans were mentioned by the "Liberal Press". That "W" has been and will be kicked around is due to himself and his vice president. It hurts me to admit that as I consider his father, a wonderful and a most decent man, an old friend. True conservatives admit that someone they voted for is a liar if he lies, is a crook if he steals, as is no better than a member of the opposition if both are involved in sexual misconduct. I did not vote for Obama but I hope he is a great President. Our country certainly need that. He won fair and square so lets give him a chance.

Anonymous said...

Why revised? I read it the first time around and didn't think it needed revision.

No mice problems for you, huh?

Bdogs said...

Thanks so much for the comments.
FringeGirl, regrettably, that's not our cat. I saw him hunting on a neighbor's property so I shot the pix. So yes, we do have mice.

And Ralph W--bless you. I've been saying much the same thing for many years. I have political credentials both as a Republican and as a Democrat. Which probably makes me an independent, now. But clear opinions like yours that aren't mere recitations of conservative talk radio and Fox News make me believe there's hope for us all. And you're certainly right. George H.W. Bush is one of the finest men anyone could want to know. His pain during the past few years must have been extreme.