Friday, January 30, 2009

More odd things

I've been trying to get back into the routine of taking photographs, as an adjunct to daily life. Being in Houston for those weeks intervened, but yesterday I made a foray, first into the yard and then out onto the country roads.

The first image above is what they call, hereabouts, a "bottle tree." Self-explanatory, except for the obvious work putting it together.

The second image is what happened to the "Odd Round Thing" I blogged about months ago. It is not a black and white image. That's just the color of the ground here at present. We all decided it was a fungus.

The third image, if you look closely, involves a tiny frog among the leaves. He moved or I wouldn't have spotted him.

The last two are views from the roads I traveled: a nice barn and the tunnel formed by greenery along Mayer Cemetery Road. A little further along I saw Oso, our neighbor's white Lab disappearing companionably into the brush with his chocolate Lab lady friend from Trails West.


jinksy said...

The last picture is a good twist on the saying'light at the end of the tunnel' - tombstones and all, by the look of it!
The odd round thing looks like a kitchen disaster - ' when it's brown it's done, when it's black it's**********'
Word verification is 'togag'

sizzie said...

I liked them all, and they are peaceful to look at, but the, how beautiful!

Sydney said...

My goodness, the tunnel road is breathtaking!

I do have to ask -- what is a bottle tree, what is it for, and how is it made? I don't know if I'm the only one for whom it's not so obvious...

photo forays are such creative time. I support your getting out there and doing more of it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the barn. The tunnel is amazing and I've never heard of a "bottle tree". I guess my question is WHY?

I went back and found the frog...very cool, but I have to say I was amazing at the scrawny weed. I got all excited to see something growing. We're stuck in the gloom of winter up here in the North.

sizzie said...

2 liter or 1? 7 up anyone? I am glad you took a photo of the bottle tree because it is as much a part of the landscape as the other photos. The bottle house looks neat, well cared for..and that isn't always true of bottle tree yards. Thanks for sharing your eye. : )

Bdogs said...

One scrawny weed, so green: hope.

A bottle tree is a rural custom that was once common in Texas, as the woman of the farm or ranch family tried to make some beauty in a harsh environment. It's basically a post, sometimes just a tree trunk that has been cut down for some other purpose. Nails are inserted into it, and bottles of varying kinds are hung on the nails. The idea was to catch the sunlight and be pretty, using throw-away items. If you click on the bottle tree in the picture, you can see some empty nails at the bottom, waiting for more bottles.