Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where to?

Do you know that Houston is actually less hot and more comfortable than central Texas? That's been true recently. Yesterday it was a balmy 86 in Houston and the temp for CT is promised to be 103 for today. Yikes! And both places are humid, except Houston actually had a nice rain yesterday. We were here for it, and so we know first hand that rain is still possible. We'd celebrate more noisily if it happened at Winedale, but we don't know if it did.

We're travelling in a moment back there, but just now, thinking about it, I've got New York City on my mind. Did you know that the average high for July there is 84? Doesn't that sound, well, sort of civilized?

We've had to abandon our retirement plan of winters in Texas and summers in NM on account of problems with altitude. We've been looking for alternatives. Surely summer in Manhattan wouldn't qualify as an alternative...would it? All the people who live there and can afford to leave in the summer, do--so how pleasant could it be?

Living in NYC isn't easy in the best circumstances. I mean, even the really nice co-op buildings have window AC units. Remember those?

And one has to walk. WALK! Do I remember how to do that?

Will keep you posted if we decide to look for answers to these questions. Meanwhile, I'm scoping out Oregon on the internet.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I found the weather in Houston last May ('08) so very humid. I can't imagine what it must be like living in that heat though.
Hope you find somewhere where the weather is to your liking.

Texas Legacy Lady said...

Try Vermont for a bit of relief from the summer heat and humidity of Texas. You can buy a place or I think it's much better to rent a property for the summer. Jim's grandfather had a dairy farm and farmed maple syrup outside of Bennington and we enjoyed the big farmhouse.

This is more like country life so New York is the spot to be for the arts and a much faster paced lifestyle. The property taxes in both places are out of sight. Give me the country any day!

Also, the Carolinas have milder temperatures, less humidity and are quite pleasant. Montana, the Dakotas and Wyoming are favorites too. So much cooler and people are friendly like in Texas. Good luck and blessings.

Texas Legacy Lady said...

Austin County did have a nice rain Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Hope it went on to Winedale. Blessings.

salsez said...

If you go to Jackson, Wy., I will come visit!