Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ach and begorrah! I'm in New York on Saint Paddy's Day. But I missed the parade. At least the official parade. I did get to see the folks winding their way home when it concluded. A gaggle of Korean-looking people on Park and 60th, in full Irish regalia, a gaggle of people in from the boroughs, decked out similarly, lots of walkers with bits of green here and there--and a beat cop in full uniform crossing Lexington carrying a long plastic trumpet.

Son Will's birthday is tomorrow so I bought him a wee present (is wee Scots, or is it Celtic enough for SPD?) I bought a sandwich at Starbucks (I was desperate and there wasn't any line); I bought water at Duane and Reade (if I got the name right; I bought a pair of shoes with wee heels so I could wear the warmish pants I brought which are too long for flats. (I had left the proper shoes back in Houston.)

Had dinner tonight at Union Street Cafe, which is a great restaurant I'd never been to before, and it lived up to the kudos.

And so to beddy-bye.

What I missed in Winedale was the slate mantel falling off the wall in the living room during some repairs further up the wall. Fortunately no one was hurt. Poor Hale is having to deal with getting this repaired, and I bless him.


aliceinparis said...

What fun! New York on March 17th! Ach, New York at ANY time:)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Am going to New York shortly so shall try to remember Union Street Cafe,Bdogs.

Sydney said...

I heard it snowed in NYC on the first day of spring. I hope it was pretty for you to enjoy and you did not feel too cold. I didn't know you had a son in NYC! Sounds like you stayed in Union Square but there could be a Starbucks and Duane Reade on just about any corner in the place.

Just count yourself lucky (pun intended) that you weren't in BOSTON on this day. The COPS are Irish there! Insanity.