Monday, March 23, 2009

Falling Sky

Every year about this time, the sky falls into pools of blue all across Texas--this was the way a writer described our annual bluebonnet season. Some years, the blues are mixed with scarlet Indian Paintbrush and/or Pink Evening Primrose. This year, however, the blues pretty much have the fields to themselves, so far at least.

The highway department seeds bluebonnets, a form of lupine, so that highway verges throughout central Texas and parts of the Hill Country seem carpeted in blue flowers for several weeks. They seed other wildflowers, too, part of Lady Bird Johnson's wonderful bequest to all of us.

I love those flowers, of course, but what really pleases me are the old fields where the bluebonnets are nature's way to nourish poor, farmed out soil.

But don't think of that. Just enjoy the show. And yes, the blue is really that intense.


Texas Legacy Lady said...

Beautiful photographs. Would love to paint the windmill scene. This time of the year is my favorite because of all the wildflowers blooming. Pastures and roadsides that were drab and colorless burst forth in all their beauty.

It's as if Mother Nature took out her paint box and brushes and decided she she would paint the countryside. Enjoy the spectacle. Blessings.

PJ's talking2.... said...

Love these photos. They, (the bluebonnets) are really showing off this years. No rain, they show up. Makes 'em happy...and they make us happy.

Bdogs said...

We should all be like bluebonnets--show up when things are tough and make everyone feel better. And improve the place where we are growing. Hey!

Sydney said...

Being a transplant, I loved learning about this, so I will enjoy them even MORE thank you very much.

A few years ago, my husband drove me out to see them spreading far and wide, across every field. I had no idea about them when we started the drive.

Glad you liked my friends B&W photos from your last posts comment area. It IS amazing how the whites (which were really black) glow with inhuman light... coming out of mouths, eyes, fingernails. Amazing work. Not sure how she prints, but boy, she takes a long time going over every detail, builds the sets and lights it herself!