Saturday, May 2, 2009

Catching Up

I've been scarce lately on this blog. The main reason is that I've been working hard to complete a draft of my novel. That draws on some of the same energy as blogging. (Other reasons, too, but they're boring.)

Nevertheless, blogging has people on the other end while novel revision is just me and the screen and all those characters I have immobilized there until I decide things like the order of chapters, etc.

So: hello.

Developments around our place include three green tomatoes, first of the season; petunias in place of cactus in our window boxes--the cactus were not happy;
the first vines coiling up our pergola (thanks to Richard for removing the poison ivy flooring beneath it--even though he got poison oak for his trouble--maybe not from my poison oak, I can only hope).

We found a small copperhead snake in the pool skimmer. Everyone knows what that means. I'll make a careful search from now on before doing my water therapy.

Dog ate a small nest of baby rabbits, I think. I know she was eating where one of our many rabbits spends the night. I've actually watched a dog do that before (gulp, gulp, gulp and gulp) and it isn't pretty. This time, I didn't investigate, frankly.

Yes, I know that a swimming pool sounds extravagant. It probably is extravagant. But this is a narrow exercise pool to keep me ambulatory. I am hopeful that the result will prove the expense entirely worthwhile.

The twenty-five year old climbing rose that was devouring the side of our porch was brutally cut back in the winter with a saw. It is now reborn, sending up the most prolifigate number of shoots, most of which have new growth that is curled back upon itself. I can't tell for sure what's doing it. So I have no idea what to do to fix it.

The cardinals are everywhere, and in the mornings, we are treated to a splendid refrain of at least seven different bird species, possibly more, with no volume control.

I do love it here.


Cher said...

Sounds wonderful.

The Texas Woman

aliceinparis said...

Gosh, your place sounds lovely!!

Sydney said...

I wanted to write the same thing as Cher. Any pictures you can rustle up when on break from writing?

Never knew dogs ate rabbits, and I wouldn't want to look for them either. In the wildlife rehab I now do at the place next to the SPCA, I have fed little baby rabbits and boy are they precious... but totally vulnerable to predators.

So you put in a pool sounds like? And does it cost an arm and a leg to maintain it? I think a pool is such a good thing for just the reason you use it. But I was curious if it's a big deal to maintain.

Ralph W. said...

The rose: If the leaf is curling up onto itself, I would suspect a fungus. There are pests that cause leaves to curl up as well.