Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calming Down

That big wind that's blowing today across central Texas is the result of area shop and restaurant owners letting out a long breath of relief. Antique fortnight is over. That is, the spring version is over; the whole thing happens again in October.

It was a busy final Saturday, though.

The Winedale Historical Center had its spring symposium, focusing this year on Early Texas Furniture. (For the disbelieving non-Texans who might be reading this, the furniture in question is not made of rustic logs.)

Central Texas enjoyed a large influx of German immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century, and they included a surprising number of accomplished cabinetmakers. The seminal book on this subject by Lonn Taylor and David Warren came out in 1975, and now sells for a surprising amount of money in rare book stores. (I did 1/3 of the photos in that book with a 2 1/4 Rolleiflex, a fascinating experience as we had to shoot the furniture, often quite large, in the owners' houses or front yards.)

The authors are currently in the process of updating it with many new discoveries, hence the content of their presentation yesterday. (The photo below of the mockingbird was taken on the grounds of the center.)

Also, the DYD Club of Round Top concluded its "fair on the square". DYD stands for Do Your Duty. (The pix of the sparkling whatevers and of the girl in her new cowboy boots were taken within a few feet of each other in the midst of that event.)

On the way home the back way via Hackemack Road we spotted a blue barn with bluebonnets that epitomized for me the serenity that will return to our neighborhood tomorrow. The bluebonnets are at their peak, and joined now in fields and verges with stands of Indian Paintbrush (red), pale Pink Evening Primrose, magenta verbena, and vivid yellow daisy-like flowers, too small to be rudbeckia. With any rain at all, the flower show, at least, should last a while longer.


Cher said...

Peace again. A relief, I'll bet. Enjoy the Spring beauty.

The Texas Woman

Sydney said...

I love the pic of the chandelier...

Spring is such a good time here.... enjoying the calm and nice temps and mild sunshine while we can.

PJ's talking2.... said...

I like it when they're here, happy when they're gone... I'm bad. I love those photos. Richard covets his Texas Furniture book. You did such great photography in it. ~PJ

Bdogs said...

Thanks so much for the kind words. I remember it as a taxing but happy time; it is quite odd, however, to find onesself revisiting those days as I did Saturday, with the former husband right there...

Texas Legacy Lady said...

It's nice to be so near all the antique sales and fairs but it's also nice to have it all come to a close. Hope the dealers did well. It's a lot of work and then the cost of the booth needs to be recouped before you can even consider any profit. Still, it's fun.

I love the Texas Furniture Book and am glad there will be an update. Compliments on your photography. That too is a lot of work as well as skills to to the job correctly.

My cousins in Corpus have a draw-leaf table our g.g. grandfather made in about 1860. Perhaps they can have it included.

We drove the country roads to Chappell Hill and on to Brenham yesterday. Then we traveled FM 109to Welcome, Industry and New Ulm. The wildflowers were beautiful. We sometimes take them for granted.

After stopping for lunch at the Texas Star in New Ulm, our day trip was complete and we drove home with full tummies. Blessings.