Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dot, dot, dot

Today I’ve got a three-dot entry, a newspaper term for unrelated subjects held together by … (an ellipsis).


I happened to see a bulldog in an ad, so—ever susceptible to canine appeal—I Googled bulldogs, got a puppy breeder who recommends checking out the rescue groups before buying a puppy. So I did. Mind you, I’m not in the market for a dog at present. Our own sweet girl is eight, however, and there's no way I’m going through the two dogless years again that we endured post Max.

Anyway, here are the rescue sites:

And the puppy breeders (about whom I know nothing, so am not recommending in any way):

But there is a whole lot of adorable-ness on their site.

English bulldogs are actually a rather sad lot in many ways. They’ve been so inbred for the short nose that they can’t breathe properly; and their little legs have been distorted for the same reason. My son had the cutest, dearest little bulldog—Dewars—who died very young from a heart/breathing disorder. He warns me in stern terms against falling for one. Who knows? I’ve been a Lab person for decades.

A lovely book for the winter-repressed, snow-bound friend or relative is Summer, by (Texan) Alice Gordon and Vincent Virga. I keep it around for dipping into in every season. Beautiful, evocative pictures and text by well known authors like John Updike and Calvin Trillin. The hardback seems hard to locate, but it’s worth the effort.

I rely on Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times to rev my engine in the mornings when she appears. And today, once more, she delivered. But, for a change, my ire derived not from a dose of her customary vitriol. No, today it was the subject matter that did the trick. Seems this fellow in Pasadena, California has decided to let people in India write his online newspaper that focuses on local news—that is, the news occurring in, around and to, Pasadena. And he found them by posting a notice on Craigslist. (!) Oh, go read the piece. Dean Singleton, a newspaper publisher cited in the article as favoring outsourcing of newspaper writing, once owned the Houston Post. No wonder it died.

To calm down after that, I baked a pan of biscuits. I enjoyed one with a small pat of butter. Real butter. And I’ll freeze the rest. Or so I say….


Cher said...

I expected a -30- at the end of your post!

The Texas Woman

Bdogs said...

Heh, heh...An oddity here: the old Chronc (that is, when I worked there in the last century and we used yellow newsprint for our copy) had you type the following, in place of -30-, --0--. I never did find out why.

Anonymous said...

Outsourcing local news is kinda an oxymoron...odd. We just adopted a puppy from a shelter. She's such a mutt, but adorable.

Cher said...

--0-- probably told the typesetter something, just like the -30- did. I remember my dad used both, but at different times so there must have been a reason. I miss how exciting the newsrooms used to be. Now classifieds probably have all the action!

You should do a blog on it and start ending each entry with --0--. Anything to stand out from all the other blogs!

Anyway, I have another idea for you. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog, you'll see on the left a box that says FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed. Click the Watch in Real Time at the bottom of the box. It will take you to a page that lets you see towns that have visited my site in the last 24-hours or 48-actions, whichever is first.

This is very encouraging for new bloggers because MOST people are lurkers. They don't leave comments so you really can't tell how many people stop by. This way you can.

It's easy, it's free, and it's not the only game in town. Google Analytics can be used also. I use both because Feedjit doesn't show me what I did last month (or last year) at this time. Google does, plus more.

Both are easy to obtain. Just be sure that you leave instructions to ignore your own browser so you don't skew the data. Feedjit's button for that is under options at the bottom of the box.

Have fun with it. I'm enjoying your blog and your comments.

The Texas Woman

Cher said...

Damn, I'm wordy. It's in my blood, I guess!

The Texas Wordy Woman

Bdogs said...

Thanks to Cher for the Feedjit, widget. Cool enough!

aliceinparis said...

Baby bulldogs and homemade biscuits. All is well in the world.

Anonymous said...

Outsourcing news is a tragic move, in fact a disgrace. I was alarmed after reading Dowd's column.

My college attending children did not follow my prompting to check out journalism, maybe it's just as well.